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Boost Your E-commerce Sales with WooCommerce Product Bundle

Boost Your E-commerce Sales with WooCommerce Product Bundle

WooCommerce Product Bundle is one of the best and most powerful plugins that can help boost your e-commerce sales and revenue by offering a bundle of products at a discounted price compared to buying each product separately and bundling related products. therefore using these features, you can sell multiple products together as a bundle with a discount, encouraging customers to buy more items and increasing their average order value.

Benefits of using WooCommerce Product Bundle

One of the key benefits of using a WooCommerce Product Bundle is that it encourages customers to buy multiple products at once. This can increase your sales revenue, as customers are more likely to take advantage of bundled discounts rather than buying individual products at full price.

Another benefit of using WooCommerce Product Bundle is that it allows you to create custom bundles of products that suit your customers’ needs. also, You can choose which products to include in your bundles, and set the discount level for each bundle, giving you full control over your pricing strategy.

Here we introduce some examples of using WooCommerce Product Bundle to increase your sales:

  1. Offer discounts: To encourage customers to buy, be sure to offer a discount or special price for the bundle. also, You can offer free shipping for bundle purchases.
Boost Your E-commerce Sales with WooCommerce Product Bundle-Offer discounts

2. Cross-Sell Bundles: Put together complementary products that customers often buy together For example, if you sell skin care products, you can create a bundle that includes a moisturizer, serum, and face wash.

Cross-Sell Bundles

3. Seasonal Packages: Create bundles themed around specific seasons or holidays For example, create a back-to-school package that could include a backpack, notebook, pen and pencil, or offer a bundle of Halloween decorations.

Seasonal Packages by WooCommerce product bundle

4. Highlight savings: Firstly, be sure to highlight and display the savings customers can get by purchasing a product bundle. Furthermore, display the original price and the discounted price side by side to show the bundle value.

Highlight savings price of product bundle plugin

5. Gift bundles: Create pre-packaged gift bundles that are ready to be given as gifts For example, make gift bundles for Valentine’s Day.

6. Understand your customers: Before creating product bundles, it is important to know and understand your customers and their needs. Additionally, Analyze customers’ purchase history, search trends and feedback to identify popular products and product combinations.

7. Clearance Bundles: WooCommerce Product Bundles are also a great way to promote new or slow-moving products. By combining these products with more popular items, you can increase their visibility and encourage customers to try them.

8. customer loyalty: By offering bundled discounts, you can show your customers that you value them and are committed to providing them with the best offers possible.

Some other examples that you can create with the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin to boost sales:

Product Bundle Builder for WooCommerce

Overall, WooCommerce Product bundle is a powerful and modern tool with many features that allow you to create and manage products in your online store, helping you sell products more comfortably, effectively and efficiently to increase your income.

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How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products? (free in 2024)

WooCommerce composite product

This article provides straightforward and comprehensive guidance on How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products with the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin. You’ll learn how to leverage the composite products feature in WooCommerce to assemble customizable and flexible product offerings. The guide covers setting up product components, managing inventory, configuring pricing, and enhancing the customer experience with tailored product options. Whether selling customizable kits, product bundles, or personalized packages, this guide will help you effectively utilize WooCommerce to meet your business needs.

What are WooCommerce Composite Products?

WooCommerce composite products are type of products in the WooCommerce e-commerce platform that allows customers to create and purchase customized products by selecting from a list of pre-defined components or options. A composite product allows your customers to assemble their favourite products for example “Assembled computer case” where customers can choose the case model, MotherBoard, Graphic card, and other components from a list of options to build a customized computer that meets their specific needs.

Another good example is “Build Your Pet Basket” which lets customers choose the items that will make up their unique gift basket for their beautiful furry friends. this composite product can offer Toys, Treats, Grooming products, and other pet items As the customer selects different options, the price of the pet gift basket will adjust accordingly. Once the customer has selected all the desired options, they can add the pet gift basket to their cart and proceed to checkout.

But these are just two examples of how WooCommerce composite products can offer customers customized shopping carts. With composite products, you can provide customers with a variety of options while simplifying the purchasing process and boosting sales and revenue in your online store.

Benefits of WooCommerce Composite Products

WooCommerce Composite Products has many Benefits that we will mention some examples of:

  • Customization: Allows customers to create personalized products by selecting components that meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • Flexibility: Supports a variety of product types, including kits, bundles, and configurable packages, making it adaptable to different business models.
  • Increased Sales: By offering customizable product options, businesses can cater to a wider audience and encourage upselling and cross-selling.
  • Competitive Advantage: Offering customizable and unique products sets your store apart from competitors, attracting more customers and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities: Encourage customers to explore and purchase related products or accessories during the customization process, boosting sales and average order value.
  • Brand Alignment: Align your product offerings with your brand identity and values by allowing customers to personalize their shopping experience, enhancing brand perception and customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing Opportunities: Enables targeted marketing strategies by promoting custom bundles and personalized offers based on customer preferences.
  • Data Insights: Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and purchasing patterns through the detailed analytics and reporting features integrated into WooCommerce.

Example of composite products

Here are some examples of composite products that are created using the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin:

  • Gift Baskets: Snacks, Beverages, Gourmet Items, Personalized Messages, Gift Wrapping.
  • Custom Computers: CPUs, Motherboards, RAM, Storage, Graphics Cards, Power Supplies, Cases
  • Furniture Sets: Sofa, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Lamps, Rugs, Cushions
  • Home Theater Systems: TVs, Soundbars, Speakers, Blu-ray Players, Streaming Devices
  • Custom Jewelry: Chains, Pendants, Charms, Stones, Engravings
  • Meal Kits: Main Ingredients, Side Dishes, Sauces, Spices, Cooking Instructions
  • Custom Apparel: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pants, Hats, Custom Prints
  • Beauty and Skincare Sets: Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Serums, Masks

Video Tutorial

How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products

Step1: Installing the Product Bundle Builder for WooCommerce

The Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for creating composite products in your online store, so Follow the steps below to install this plugin :

  • Navigate to the Plugins >> Add New menu on your WordPress website
  • Then search for “Easy Product Bundles for WooCommerce“
  • Find the “Bundles – WooCommerce Product Bundles” by “Asana Plugins“
  • Install the plugin and activate it.
install product bundle
Some examples that you can create with the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin:
  • Simple or Pure product bundles
  • Advanced and Dynamic product bundles
  • Assembled products bundle
  • Mix-and-Match products bundle
  • Frequently bought together products bundle
  • Create BOGO deals
  • Give gift products
  • Create Personalized Boxes
  • Recommend addons and essentials
  • Optional products in WooCommerce Product Bundles

Step2: Creating WooCommerce Composite Products

Therefore after installing the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin, you can create composite products in WooCommerce.
Here we will create composite products from Pet Supplies:

1. Navigate to WooCommerce “Products”.

2. Click on “Add New” to create a new product.

3. Set a name for the composite products, for instance, “Build Your Own Pet Basket”.

4. Click on “Set product image” from the right sidebar and select an image for your composite products.

5. Now navigate to the Product data panel, and select “Product bundle” as the product type.

6. After selecting “Product bundle” as the product type the “Product Bundles” tab will appear in the product data panel.

7. Navigate to the “Product Bundles” tab and click on the “Add Bundle” button to add a new bundle item to the composite products.

How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products

Step 3: Add items to WooCommerce composite products

8. Now in the “Products” field search for Dog Foods and select them.

  • Or Likewise, if you would like to include products from a category, you can do it with the “Categories” field of the item. therefore you can search for categories and add them to the “Categories” field. (pro version)
  • in addition, you can do the same for the product tags and include them in the “Tags” field. (pro version)

You can also add the following settings to your products :

  • Quantity: In this field, you can set the default quantity for each composite product item.
  • Edit quantity by user: Check this field to allow the user to change the quantity of a product and Set the “min/max quantity” for each item.
  • Discount: In this field, you can set discount for composite products by percentage or price.

9. Then click on the “Add Bundle” button to add a new bundle item for the Dog Bowls.

Add product to WooCommerce composite products

10. Now in the “Products” field search for Dog Bowls and select them.

11. Click on the “Add Bundle” button to add a new bundle item for the Dog Toys. Then in the “Products” field search for Dog Toys and select them.

publish composite products

Step4: Pricing for WooCommerce Composite Products

After adding products you can choose how want to price your composite product.

The Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin offers two pricing strategies:

  1. Fixed Price: Sets a fixed price for the whole composite products
  2. Auto Calculate Bundle Price: Allow the plugin to calculate the composite product price using the selected products for the bundle items.

If you want to set a fixed price for the composite product, enable the “Fixed price” option then navigate to the “General tab”, and set a price for the “Regular price” field. You can set a “Sale price” too.

pricing- Set Fixed price

To use the “Auto Calculate Bundle Price” disable the “Fixed price” option.

Step 5: Position of Composite products

You can set a position for the composite products on the product page by following the below steps.

  • Navigate to the “Product Bundles” menu page in WordPress admin.
  • In the settings tab, there is a “Bundle position” option to change the bundle position on the product page.
  • You can select the appropriate position from the available options like “before add to cart button”, “after add to cart button”, etc.
  • Also, there are options to show the product bundle before or after a CSS selector.
  • After selecting “before” or “after” CSS selector, find a CSS selector on the product page and put it in the “CSS Selector” field.
  • Save the settings, after selecting a position for the bundle.
Position of Combo Offer

In the case, that none of the listed positions helps, you can use the below shortcodes of the plugin.

  • Use it on the product page to show the bundles.
  • Use it on the product page to show the bundles + add to cart button.

After creating and publishing the combo offer, open the product page on the front end.
As a result, After selecting a product, for all of the bundle items the WooCommerce combo offer will be shown as the image below.

Final Result of WooCommerce Composite Products

And finally, when you’re done, publish the composite products.
As a result, The WooCommerce composite products are like the below image.

How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products

And the customer can choose other available products from the popup.


  • [asnp_wepb_product] Use it on the product page to show the bundles.

  • [asnp_wepb_product show_add_to_cart="1"] Use it on the product page to show the bundles + add to cart button.

Other Article

To delve deeper into the realm of the Product Bundle plugin and its applications, we invite you to explore the array of informative resources we’ve compiled in the list below, Furthermore, these resources promise to expand your understanding and proficiency in leveraging the full potential of this plugin:

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3 Best WooCommerce free plugins to boost sales and revenue


In this article, we want to introduce 3 Best WooCommerce free plugins to boost sales and revenue for online stores that use WooCommerce, which is a popular e-commerce platform for WordPress websites. These plugins offer various features and tools to help store owners promote their products and incentivize customers to make more purchases and make it easy for website visitors to contact the website owner or customer support team. Overall, WooCommerce Boost Sales plugins aim to help store owners increase sales and revenue by making it easier and more appealing for customers to make additional purchases.

The desired plugins are as follows:

  1. Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce
  2. Product Bundle Builder for WooCommerce
  3. Live Chat with ChatGPT

1) Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

3 Best WooCommerce free plugin to boost sales and revenue-Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin is a comprehensive tool that provides practical solutions for setting up discount offers on your WooCommerce store. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this plugin is easy to use and comes with advanced features to cater to your needs. It enables you to create and customize your discount rules with ease, ensuring that your customers get the best deals on your products. With its intuitive interface and out-of-the-box functionality, this plugin is an ideal solution for anyone looking to boost sales and improve customer engagement on their WooCommerce store.

Video tutorial

Features :

  • WooCommerce Cart Discount Rules.
  • Percentage-based discounts in WooCommerce.
  • Store-wide global discount or set a discount to WooCommerce for all products.
  • Quantity based discount or range based discount or bulk pricing discount.
  • Display quantity discount table on product page.
  • Product based discount to set discounts on specific products.
  • Scheduled product discounts.
  • Cart based percentage discount or WooCommerce cart discount (Example: Get 20% discount on Black Friday or specific date)
  • WooCommerce cart total based discount (Example: Spend more than $500, get 20% discount)
  • Advanced WooCommerce cart discount rules
  • Scheduled WooComemrce coupons
  • Order total based discount
  • Exclude selected products from discount rules
  • Date based discount (validity)
  • Show discount table or bulk table or quantity table on the product pages
  • A shortcode for quantity based discount table or bulk pricing table
  • Option to set rules expiry date (From Date , To Date)
  • Create advanced WooCommerce shipping methods or WooCommerce dynamic shipping methods
  • Create WooCommerce weight based shipping methods
  • Scheduled WooCommerce shipping methods


2) Product Bundle Builder for WooCommerce

Product Bundle Builder for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder is a top-notch plugin designed to help online store owners create irresistible deals that package multiple products for sale together. This powerful plugin provides an excellent way to increase sales of various product types while also offering customers attractive benefits. With Woo Product Bundle Builder, you can enhance cross-selling strategies on your WooCommerce shop, which is a smart way to boost revenue. Moreover, this plugin is search engine optimized, which helps improve your site’s ranking and ensure a higher conversion rate. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder is a smart tool to help you create compelling deals and increase sales on your WooCommerce store.

Video tutorial


  • Create Simple to Advanced Product Bundles.
  • Create Dynamic Product.
  • Create Mix and Match Products.
  • Create BOGO deals Offer Buy One Get One deal.
    • Create Buy 2 Get 1 deal.
  • Create Personalized Products.
  • Create Assembled Products. For example, assemble a computer.
    • Set gift Products.
  • Dynamic Price Calculates.
  • Select to calculate the shipping fee for the whole bundle or each bundle item.
  • Assigning Default product.
  • Set the default quantity of bundle item.
  • Set the min/max quantity for each item in the bundle.
  • Set percentage or price discount.
  • Create Virtual or Downloadable product bundles in WooCommerce.
  • Show Stock for each of the bundle items.
  • Show the Rating for each of the bundle items.
  • Show the Description of the bundle items on hover.
  • Choose how to link to the product bundle items when clicking on the title.
  • Coupon Apply Method Control how coupons should be applied on the bundle product.
  • Cart Contents Count How to count bundle products in the cart.


3) ChatGPT and WhatsApp for WordPress

Live Chat Button for WordPress and WooCommerce – Social Chat Widget

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application With over 2 billion users in the world. As a business owner, adding a chat support feature to your website is essential to serve better your customers who are likely to be using WhatsApp. Additionally, generating leads is crucial to the success of any business and ChatGPT and WhatsApp for WordPress is an effective tool for lead generation and increasing overall sales. By incorporating this button into your website, you can provide your customers with an easy and direct way to contact your customer support team, and simultaneously create opportunities for new leads and sales.

Video tutorial

Features :

  • Add ChatGpt AI BOT
  • Add single-agent WhatsApp chat support
  • Add multi-agent WhatsApp chat support
  • Add a floating chat button to your website
  • Add a floating chat button to specific pages
  • Display chat support for “All Visitors”, “New Visitors”, “Returning Visitors”, “Logged in users (PRO)”, “Guest Users (PRO)”
  • Add a chat button to specific WooCommerce products, categories (PRO) or tags (PRO)
  • Add chat support to specific pages by URL.
  • Exclude chat support from specific pages by URL.
  • Display single account or multi account chat window in the floating chat button
  • Create multiple accounts with specific avatars or predefined avatars
  • Predefined templates to create chat easily and in a minute
  • Different styles and positions for Mobile and Desktop
  • Preview the live chat button in the admin when designing it
  • Custom colors, greetings, icons and avatars
  • Define custom availability and working hours for each account (PRO)
  • Define custom availability timezone for each account (PRO)
  • Keep communicating directly from your WhatsApp account
  • 4 types of chat “Floating Bubble”, “Embed Bubble”, “Embed Chat Window”, “Button”
  • WPML Ready
  • Google Analytics (PRO)
  • Facebook Pixel Analytics (PRO)


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How to translate WooCommerce product bundle

How to translate WooCommerce product bundle

Translating the WooCommerce product bundle plugin into your own language can have a positive effect on increasing the income of your online store, you can reach customers who may not speak English and are more likely to shop in their native language. This can help you tap into new markets, increase your customer base, make it easier for them to navigate make purchases, cause customer satisfaction and improve your online store’s visibility in search engines by targeting keywords in other languages, As a result, all of this is a competitive advantage that causes the boost sales and revenue your online store. in this article, we show you how to translate WooCommerce product bundle in your local language

Video Tutorial

To translate WooCommerce Product Bundles in your local language, follow the below steps :

1. navigate to the path wp-content\plugins\easy-product-bundles-for-woocommerce\languages .

2. In the languages folder >> Copy the desired .json file, that you want to translate to your local language.

How to translate WooCommerce plugin-increasing the income of your online store with translate plugin

3. Go to the path wp-content\languages\plugins and paste the copied .json file.

4. Now open copied .json file >> in the section { “lang”:” en” } set your local language For example, we set the Italian language {“lang”: “it_IT”}, then translate the desired texts, for example : ( Please select a product!”: [“Seleziona un prodotto!”]).

5. Finally, save the changes.

6. Now add the name of the local language to the file name, for example: ( asnp-easy-product-bundles-it_IT-4af700c81be890167c0d110a553c760f.json ).

how to translate product bundles plugin-woocommerce product bundles plugin-increase sale with translate plugin-translate plugin positive effects

7. Navigate to Settings >> General on your WordPress website.

8. Click on the “Site Language” field and Select the local language you have translated the plugin into.

9. And finally, click on “save changes”.

woocommerce plugin translate-how to translate plugin

Now you can see that the WooCommerce product bundles plugin has been translated into your local language.

How to translate pot file

To translate “asnp-easy-product-bundles.pot” file to your local language read Translation pot file article for more information.