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How to translate WooCommerce product bundle

How to translate WooCommerce product bundle

Translating the WooCommerce product bundle plugin into your own language can have a positive effect on increasing the income of your online store, you can reach customers who may not speak English and are more likely to shop in their native language. This can help you tap into new markets, increase your customer base, make it easier for them to navigate make purchases, cause customer satisfaction and improve your online store’s visibility in search engines by targeting keywords in other languages, As a result, all of this is a competitive advantage that causes the boost sales and revenue your online store. in this article, we show you how to translate WooCommerce product bundle in your local language

Video Tutorial

To translate WooCommerce Product Bundles in your local language, follow the below steps :

1. navigate to the path wp-content\plugins\easy-product-bundles-for-woocommerce\languages .

2. In the languages folder >> Copy the desired .json file, that you want to translate to your local language.

How to translate WooCommerce plugin-increasing the income of your online store with translate plugin

3. Go to the path wp-content\languages\plugins and paste the copied .json file.

4. Now open copied .json file >> in the section { “lang”:” en” } set your local language For example, we set the Italian language {“lang”: “it_IT”}, then translate the desired texts, for example : ( Please select a product!”: [“Seleziona un prodotto!”]).

5. Finally, save the changes.

6. Now add the name of the local language to the file name, for example: ( asnp-easy-product-bundles-it_IT-4af700c81be890167c0d110a553c760f.json ).

how to translate product bundles plugin-woocommerce product bundles plugin-increase sale with translate plugin-translate plugin positive effects

7. Navigate to Settings >> General on your WordPress website.

8. Click on the “Site Language” field and Select the local language you have translated the plugin into.

9. And finally, click on “save changes”.

woocommerce plugin translate-how to translate plugin

Now you can see that the WooCommerce product bundles plugin has been translated into your local language.

How to translate pot file

To translate “asnp-easy-product-bundles.pot” file to your local language read Translation pot file article for more information.