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How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products? (free in 2023)

WooCommerce composite product

In this article, we will teach you how to create composite products for WooCommerce with the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin. First, let’s understand what are WooCommerce composite products.

A WooCommerce composite products are a type of product in the WooCommerce e-commerce platform that allows customers to create and purchase customized products by selecting from a list of pre-defined components or options. A composite product allows your customers to assemble their favorite products for example “Assembled computer case” where customers can choose the case model, MotherBoard, Graphic card, and other components from a list of options to build a customized computer that meets their specific needs.

Another good example is “Build Your Own Pet Basket” which that lets customers choose the items that will make up their own unique gift basket for their beautiful furry friends. which this composite product can offer Toys, Treats, Grooming products, and form other pet items As the customer selects different options, the price of the pet gift basket would adjust accordingly. Once the customer has selected all the desired options, they can add the pet gift basket to their cart and proceed to checkout.

But these are just two examples of how WooCommerce composite products can offer customers customized shopping carts. With composite products, you can provide customers with a variety of options while simplifying the purchasing process and boosting sales and revenue in your online store.

Video Tutorial

Installing the Product Bundle Builder for WooCommerce

The Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for creating composite products in your online store, so Follow the steps below to install this plugin :

  • Navigate to the Plugins >> Add New menu on your WordPress website
  • Then search for “Easy Product Bundles for WooCommerce“
  • Find the “Bundles – WooCommerce Product Bundles” by “Asana Plugins“
  • Install the plugin and activate it.
Some examples that you can create with the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin:
  • Simple or Pure product bundles
  • Advanced and Dynamic product bundles
  • Assembled products bundle
  • Mix-and-Match products bundle
  • Frequently bought together products bundle
  • Create BOGO deals
  • Give gift products
  • Create Personalized Boxes
  • Recommend addons and essentials
  • Optional products in WooCommerce Product Bundles

Creating WooCommerce Composite Products

Therefore after installing the Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin, you can create composite products in WooCommerce.
Here we will create composite products from Pet Supplies:

1. Navigate to WooCommerce “Products”.

2. Click on “Add New” to create a new product.

3. Set a name for the composite products, for instance, “Build Your Own Pet Basket”.

4. Click on “Set product image” from the right sidebar and select an image for your composite products.

5. Now navigate to the Product data panel, and select “Product bundle” as the product type.

6. After selecting “Product bundle” as the product type the “Product Bundles” tab will appear in the product data panel.

7. Navigate to the “Product Bundles” tab and click on the “Add Bundle” button to add a new bundle item to the composite products.

How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products

8. Now in the “Products” field search for Dog Foods and select them.

  • Or Likewise, if you would like to include products from a category, you can do it with the “Categories” field of the item. therefore you can search for categories and add them to the “Categories” field. (pro version)
  • in addition, you can do the same for the product tags and include them in the “Tags” field. (pro version)

You can also add the following settings to your products :

  • Quantity: In this field, you can set the default quantity for each composite product item.
  • Edit quantity by user: Check this field to allow the user to change the quantity of a product and Set the “min/max quantity” for each item.
  • Discount: In this field, you can set discount for composite products by percentage or price.

9. Then click on the “Add Bundle” button to add a new bundle item for the Dog Bowls.

Add product to WooCommerce composite products

10. Now in the “Products” field search for Dog Bowls and select them.

11. Click on the “Add Bundle” button to add a new bundle item for the Dog Toys. Then in the “Products” field search for Dog Toys and select them.

publish composite products

Pricing for WooCommerce Composite Products

After adding products you can choose how want to price your composite product.

The Easy WooCommerce Product Bundles free plugin offers two pricing strategies:

  1. Fixed Price: Sets a fixed price for the whole composite products
  2. Auto Calculate Bundle Price: Allow the plugin to calculate the composite product price using the selected products for the bundle items.

If you want to set a fixed price for the composite product, enable the “Fixed price” option then navigate to the “General tab”, and set a price for the “Regular price” field. You can set a “Sale price” too.

pricing- Set Fixed price

To use the “Auto Calculate Bundle Price” disable the “Fixed price” option.


The plugin has the below shortcodes and you can use them:

  • [asnp_wepb_product] Use it on the product page to show the bundles.
  • [asnp_wepb_product show_add_to_cart="1"] Use it on the product page to show the bundles + add to cart button.

Final Result of WooCommerce Composite Products

And finally, when you’re done, publish the composite products.
As a result, The WooCommerce composite products are like the below image.

How to Create WooCommerce Composite Products

And the customer can choose other available products from the popup.