WooCommerce Product Labels Free Plugin

WooCommerce  Product Labels Free Plugin elevates your store’s appeal with customized badges and countdown timers (PRO Version). Unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce store with captivating sale badges, product labels, and countdown timers. This all-in-one plugin empowers you to create eye-catching labels and scheduled badges for products, categories, and tags. Highlighting discount values, product quantities, ratings, shipping classes, stock status, and sale status, these labels provide valuable information to your customers. Plus, leverage the power of countdown timers to create urgency and drive conversions. With an intuitive interface, easily customize labels and replace default on-sale badges. Take your WooCommerce store to new heights with visually appealing badges, labels, and countdown timers tailored to your unique offerings.

What is  WooCommerce Product Labels Free Plugin?

WooCommerce Product Labels Free Plugin is an essential tool for e-commerce businesses to grab the attention of customers and increase sales. These badges and labels can be used to highlight special offers, discounts, limited-time promotions, or new arrivals. By using eye-catching designs and strategically placing them on product images, businesses can create a sense of urgency and persuade customers to make a purchase. With the ability to customize the appearance and placement of these badges and labels, WooCommerce provides businesses with a powerful tool to increase visibility and drive conversions in their online stores.

Why You Need to Add WooCommerce Product Labels Free Plugin?

Discover the compelling reasons why adding  product labels to your WooCommerce store is a must. These visual cues can transform your online shopping experience, increase customer trust, and drive higher sales. Explore the advantages of using WooCommerce Product  labels, from creating a sense of urgency to highlighting special offers. Don’t miss out on this powerful strategy for boosting your e-commerce success. Reasons to Add WooCommerce Product Labels Free Plugin:

  1. Grab Attention: Product labels catch the eye of shoppers, directing them to special deals and discounts.
  2. Create Urgency: Limited-time offers or clearance items can be highlighted, encouraging swift action from customers.
  3. Enhance Trust: Professional labels indicate quality and reliability, fostering trust among buyers.
  4. Highlight Bestsellers: Showcase your top products, guiding customers to popular items with ease.
  5. Cross-Selling: Suggest related or complementary products to increase the average order value.
  6. Seasonal Promotions: Promote holiday sales, seasonal events, or special occasions.
  7. Clear Communication: Labels convey important information, such as ‘New Arrivals’ or ‘Best Value.’
  8. Improved Navigation: Help customers quickly identify product categories or attributes.
  9. Customization: Tailor labels to match your brand and the specific needs of your products.
  10. Competitive Edge: Stand out from the competition by making your offerings visually appealing and informative.

Boost Sales with Eye-Catching WooCommerce Product Labels

Discover the art of boosting sales and increasing conversion rates with eye-catching WooCommerce sale badges. In this comprehensive guide, learn how strategically placed sale badges can grab your customers’ attention, create a sense of urgency, and drive more purchases. Explore best practices for designing and implementing these visual cues, making your online store stand out and your products irresistible. Start increasing your e-commerce revenue today with effective WooCommerce Sale Badges

WooCommerce Product Labels Free Features

  • Add Easy Custom labels on products.
  • Access CSS label templates.
  • Preview is available live for easy placement and customization.
  • Add Badges to specific WooCommerce products, categories, or tags.
  • Add Badges to “Is On Sale”.
  • Add Badges to “In Stock” and “Out Of Stock”.
  • Customize label attributes, including color, font size, line height, width, opacity, position, and much more.
  • Transform And Rotate Css Labels
  • Set Toggle To the visibility of badges
  • Include an option to set an expiration Date and Time for badges.
  • A unique feature for adjusting hooks that control the presentation of product labels, especially helpful if your theme encounters issues displaying them or if you wish to reposition the labels.

WooCommerce Product Labels Pro Features

  • Over 200 Image Labels
  • Over 10 CSS Labels
  • 5 Advanced Labels
  • 8 Timers Template
  • Incorporate Gradient Colors
  • Implement Discount Rules
  • Add a Percentage Discount amount
  • Rotate CSS Labels, Image Labels, and Advanced Labels
  • Adjust the Position of CSS Labels, Image Labels, and Advanced Labels
  • Include both Vertical and Horizontal Timers
  • Personalize Sale Timers with Styling Options
  • Sale Image Labels
  • Percentage Off Image Labels
  • Coming Soon Image Labels
  • Pre-Order Image Labels
  • Free Image Labels
  • Black Friday Image Labels
  • Valentine’s Day Image Labels
  • Xmas Image Labels

Tested with more than 40+ Themes

  • WoodMart 
  • Avada 
  • Flatsome
  • The7
  • Divi
  • Betheme
  • Uncode 
  • Enfold 
  • Bridge 
  • Salient
  • JupiterX 
  • XStore 
  • Porto 
  • StoreFront
  • Astra
  • OceanWP
  •  and much more

CSS Labels

You can add a CSS Label to your WooCommerce Products easily like the below Image.

  • More than 10 CSS labels
  • Introduce the option to display the Percentage Discount Amount(PRO) for products on sale instead of showing a label.
  • Adjust font size and line height
  • Customize label background and text color (Solid or Gradient)
  • Modify label width and height and z-index
  • Fine-tune opacity and rotation
  • Change Position labels (Top, Bottom, Right, Left)
  • Apply corner rounding (Border Radius)

CSS Labels Options



Conditions Product Labels

The WooCommerce  Product Labels Free Plugin has many conditions, such as :

  1. All Products
  2. Products
  3. Categories
  4. Tags
  5. “Is On Sale”
  6. “In Stock” and “Out Of Stock”, “on backorder” 
  7. Discount Rules



The WooCommerce  Product Labels Free Plugin offers various scheduling conditions, as shown below :

  • Date
  • Date Time
  • Time
  • Days

Compatibility with Woocommerce Plugins

WooCommerce  Product Labels Free Plugin have been tested and are fully compatible with the following WooCommerce plugins that you can integrate into your website :

  • Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce


Sale Badges And Product Labels Plugin To Woocommerce has the below shortcodes.

  • [asnp_badge hide="1"] to use on the product page.
  • [asnp_badge] to use on the archive product or product listing page.

If you would like to show a specific product sale badges, then use the below shortcodes.

  • [asnp_badge product_id="7" hide="1"] to use on the product page, replace “7” with your product ID.
  • [asnp_badge product_id="7"] to use on the archive product or product listing page, replace “7” with your product ID.