Easy Listings Map Pro

Easy Listings Map Pro is an easy to use and advanced map extension for Easy Property Listings which allows site owners to add Google Maps to their site that shows listings in the map.

This extension also allows an ability to show Google Maps for listing in the single listing page.

Requires Easy Property Listings

Features of the plugin include:

  • Google maps shortcode for showing listings in the map.
  • Google maps in the single listing page.
  • Clustering listings in the map.
  • Showing custom markers in the map that user uploaded.
  • Ability to show specific listings in the map that site owner selected.
  • Ability to customize map size.
  • Ability to show details of listing in the map ( image of the listing, … ).
  • Ability to show details of the listings in the map that are in same position( tabbed Google Map info window ).
  • Ability to auto zoom in the map for showing more listings in the map.
  • Ability to show specific location listings.
  • Ability to choose Google Maps view types like Roadmap, Sattelite, Hybrid, Terrain.
  • Ability to choose a Google Maps view type as a default view type.
  • Supports Map Styles of snazzymaps.
  • Supports Google Maps API key.
  • A custom address meta-box in listings admin page that is easy to use for setting listing address by Google Maps autocomplete address or moving marker on the map.
  • Supports Google Maps autocomplete address.
  • Ability to show multiple maps in same page.
  • Supports Google Maps Traffic, Transit and Bicycling layers.
  • Ability to show map in full screen size.
  • Finding user location in the map over HTTPS.
  • Supports Google Maps direction service.
  • Finding direction from specific location to specific property location.
  • Animating markers on loading markers.
  • Supports template overriding feature so developers can customize it.
  • Compatible with all of Easy Property Listings versions.
  • A fast and efficient plugin written using WordPress standards.

To try this plugin refer to our demo site and for more information refer to plugin documentation or if you have any questions ask it here.